A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Made in July 2018 for the Pizza Jam #3.

It was my third game jam.

The theme was: Use the title of one of these games on this list to inspire your game. Ignore what the actual game is about. Base it entirely on the name! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ZX_Spectrum_games


Gamemaker Studio: 2, Aseprite, Bosca Ceoil, Bfxr, Beesbusy.


Windows fonts.


ZQSD / WASD: moving

Left and Right arrows: shooting with the machinegun

Space: shooting a torpedo (when it's ready and it has acquired a target)

R: restart

Your oxygen is going down. You can recover it by going above the white line. When it drops to zero, you start losing condition. If your condition drops to zero, you die.

There are two types of enemy ships: Bomber and Localizer. Bombers... bomb you when they detect you, but they can't detect you if you stay under the red line. But Localizers can extend the detection area.

Enemy ships can ONLY be destroyed with a torpedo. Your torpedo have a recovery time, so try to survive until then.

There are missiles underwater, coming from left and right. You can destroy them with your machine gun. You can't acquire them as target for your torpedo but if a a missile is on the way when you shoot a torpedo to a ship, it will destroy the missile and your torpedo.

There is a mysterious creature deep in the sea. It seems it cannot die, but it sure will hurt you if you get too close.

Install instructions

Download. Unzip. Play.


PeriscopeUp.zip 1 MB

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